About Critical Facility Solutions

Our vision and mission is to be the global leading voice for data center best practices, efficiency, precision airflow, resilience, air quality, and ISO-level cleanliness. We have built our data center consultant services business on respect, integrity, and honesty on the back of exceptionally high quality, professional service while offering tangible benefits to our customers. We excel in meeting the information technology industry’s ISO9001 and ISO14001 objectives, bringing peace of mind to our diverse client base.

Why Choose Us

CFS, a data center consultant service, is constantly evolving in response to customer needs. And our extensive knowledge and experience in the realms of data center and cleanroom cleaning, zinc whisker remediation, raised access flooring, passive fire protection, consultancy and testing, in addition to all other aspects of maintaining a high-functioning and efficient data center, places us squarely among industry leaders.


Over 5,000 completed projects with zero downtime and zero incidents.


The ability to deliver the service in accordance with our promises and commitments, every time.


Not only do we operate 24 / 7 / 365, we also provide emergency services.


The ability to adapt, innovate, and introduce new services and methodologies to meet customer requirements and requests.


Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked in the most sensitive, mission-critical sites and have gained a deep understanding of these environments, with a solid track record of superior quality work.


All of our staff are thoroughly background checked and are vetted for a high level of competency and experience.


Our work is certified by current industry best practices and standards authorities including ISO14644-1, ANSI/SA 71.04-2013, ASHRAE TC9.9 and the EU Code of Conduct for data centers.

Meet the Team

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