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WiNG Manager - 900 MHz receiver

WiNG Manager - 900 MHz receiver

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  • WiNG is a complete system of sensors, gateway manager, and range extenders that allows you to monitor your facility for changes in conditions including: temperature, humidity, dew point, differential pressure, and fluid leaks.
  • An open protocol for easy integration into larger BMS and NMS systems via SNMP, Modbus, or BACnet.
  • NO licensing fees – Firmware updates are available free of charge.
  • Capacity for up to 250 WiNG sensors on a single manager, up to 400 sensors with range extenders.

Power: 24VAC @ 600mA max, 50/60Hz, 24VDC @ 600mA max.

Included Equipment: WiNG-MGR v2, PSWA-DC-24 power supply, antennas, rack mount tabs

Wired Relay Outputs: Two (2) Dry Contact, Form C, 1A @ 24VDC resistive, 0.5A @ 120VAC

Maximum Number of Wireless Sensors Per Manager: RLE recommends not exceeding 250 sensors per WiNG-MGR; 400 sensors per WiNG-MGR may be accomplished with range extenders, but signal conflict will increase.

Communications: Available in 868MHz or 900MHz configurations

  • Ethernet: 10/100 BASE-T, RJ45 connector; 500VAC RMS isolation
  • EIA-485: 9600, 19200, or 38400 baud; no parity; 8 data bits; 1 stop bit
  • USB: Serial port emulation for diagnostics; 115200 baud; no parity; 8 data bits; 1 stop bit


  • TCP/IP, HTML, SNMP: IPv4, IPv6; HTTP/HTTPS (TLS1.2); V1, V2C, V3
  • Modbus (EIA-485): Modbus Slave
  • Modbus TCP/IP UDP/IP: Modbus Slave; TCP/IP transmission protocol
  • BACnet/IP: ASHRAE STD 135-2004 Annex J
  • BACnet/MSTP: EIA-485

Wireless Interface: Proprietary protocol from sensors to manager/range extender; mesh backbone between manager and range extender; appropriate receivers for configuration (868MHz or 900MHz), RP/SMA connectors for 868MHz-928MHz antennas.