If you are a data center design engineer, or a data center operator, then CFS is the right choice for all your airflow and design optimization needs.

Consultancy and Testing Services

With over 25 years in the data center services industry, we’re in a unique position when it comes to advising our clients on what steps to take to meet industry best practices and standards when it comes to the design, construction, cooling, management, and contamination remediation of their data centers.

Data center consultancy and testing are one of the hallmarks of our services, and we focus on four main areas – the design, construction, building-out, and live data center phases. Our consultancy and testing services include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Testing and Certification (ISO14644-1)
  • Indoor Surface Cleanliness Testing and Certification (ISO14644-9)
  • Contamination Collection, Lab Sampling
  • Source Detection
  • Compliance Verification

Post Clean Audits

Where a 3rd party has completed cleaning activities CFS will independently inspect, test and certify the clean and issue a detailed report.

‘White Glove’ Inspections and Reporting

CFS offers Data Center tenants a service whereby we inspect the Colocation Data Center for cleanliness and air quality prior to you installing your equipment into the facility.

Computational Modeling

Our CFD Services is an ideal tool for IT or Data Center Managers interested in performing occasional simulations to determine the best location for cooling and IT equipment.  We promote CoolSim which was specifically designed to overcome many of the drawbacks to traditional "stand-alone" modeling solutions.

Schedule Data Center Testing

A comprehensive portfolio of CFD simulation and predictive cooling modeling, hard and soft containment solutions and innovative cooling systems and accessories.