Cooling Tower Cleaning

Proper cleaning and maintenance manages the heat exchange efficiency and minimizes escalating energy costs.

Prevent Contaminants and Scaling from Corroding Your Systems

All space underneath and surround cooling towers will first be vacuumed using industrial vacuums such as a Shop-Vac to remove large debris. A second pass with a HEPA or ULPA filtered vacuum will be used to remove particulates up to 99.999% on all surfaces up to 12’. Forced air from a portable air compressor will be used on filters to removed dust and other contaminates.

Technicians will use damp lint-free, microfiber cloths with an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser to remove any dust and film residue from cooling towers and surrounding areas. The concrete floor will be damp mopped using a heavy-duty concrete cleaner.

Technicians will use extensions and ladders for hard to reach areas that may include around and behind cooling towers, hanging light fixtures, and other equipment either wall or standing that may cause difficulties for a full clean to ensure the removal of all contaminates within surrounding area.

Some cooling towers may need extensive cleaning which would require the use of a pressure washer with an industrial strength hard surface cleaner.